Pony Bird

Our Story

Philip Dana Hockensmith
October 10, 1971 – August 25, 2001

In 1977, Pony Bird was born. Named after a children’s book about a young boy and his magical flying pony, Pony Bird began as one home devoted to caring for 10 severely disabled children.

The Missouri Department of Mental Health quickly recognized Pony Bird’s outstanding achievements in the care of non-ambulatory individuals with severe to profound mental and physical disabilities. As a result, they encouraged several expansions.

Today, Pony Bird provides 24-hour care for up to 60 non-ambulatory children and adults who are physically and mentally disabled. The individuals supported are unable to meet their daily living needs without total assistance. Pony Bird operates six residential homes in Mapaville and DeSoto, Missouri.

What Makes Pony Bird Special

  • Since 1977, we have grown from supporting 10 children in one home to supporting up to 60 children and adults in six homes located in Mapaville and DeSoto, Missouri. 
  • We provide a true homelike setting for our individuals.
    Our staff to resident ratio ensures the maximum level of personalized care, health, progress and happiness for our individuals.
  • Community integration provides individuals with the ability to socialize, participate, work, and volunteer as members of the community.
  • We educate members of our community regarding individuals with severe mental and physical disabilities, helping them become more understanding, accepting and involved in their lives.
  • We have been recognized numerous times by the State of Missouri Department of Mental Health for our outstanding level of care.